👋 Hi, I'm Tim

I'm a software engineer turned entrepreneur based in Atlanta. I spend most of my time as the Engineering Manager at New Story, a housing non-profit that is pioneering solutions to end global homelessness. Earlier this year, we completed some of the first homes in the world's first 3D-printed Community, Apple even filmed a documentary about it. More recently, we've switched gears to help local families pay rent and stay safe in their homes.

Outside of that, I run a small agency called 77 Lines, where I invest in and help develop web and mobile applications. I've also run a successful wholesale beard oil company, Beard Shine, for the past five years.

Previously, I helped launch the Atlanta location of The Iron Yard, the (at the time) largest code school in the world. I helped build a WordPress competitor called Barley and worked with produce brokers to build out a database of trackable produce brands.

If you are interested in working together, please contact me here.